How to add Google Adsense code in Header Part?

Opus Blog Plus is compatible with Google Adsense code. You can put the Google Adsense code on the header part as well as on the sidebars.

This theme has three types of header, among them, you can put the adsense code on the Header Two type.

  • From the Appearance > Go to Customize > Theme Options > Header.
  • From the Header, you will see the section for Select Header Types.
  • Select Header Two.
  • After selecting header two, you will get the option to select the preferred advertisement option. (You can either use an image or Adsense Code).
  • Select the Adsense Code and you will get a new field to enter the adsense code.
  • Paste the Google Adsense code, you will get your advertisement on the header, right to the logo section.
  • If the preview is fine, click on Save and Publish button to save the changes.

Are you facing the problem while adding the Adsense Code? At first, make sure your google code is verified.